• On this page, you’ll find answers to some common questions new customers often have about our company and products.

  • Just go to our dealer page to find your nearest stockist of our products. There, you’ll discover a range of dealers situated across the country for your convenience.

  • If you need to speak to us, you can give us a call on (03) 9720 4933 or contact us via email at

  • Our passion is for classic cars and 4x4s, hence why we’ve created the brands CTM Muscle and CTM Off-Road. We also offer custom wheels for trailers and caravans.

  • Our alloy rims for off-road vehicles come in a range of sizes including 16, 17, 18 and 20 inches. Alloy steel is a great material for rims as it is strong yet lightweight, allowing for maximum acceleration. Typical manufacturers include Viking, Commander and Phantom, among many other brands. Our products are top-notch and our prices are competitive when it comes to our off-road wheel rims in Melbourne.

    1. American Racing Wheels – One Piece Muscle − For style and performance that you can’t beat, try our wheels specifically made for a one piece muscle car. Our wheels offer superior quality for great handling in a variety of conditions.
    2. Custom Made Wheels – Forged Alloy − Forged alloy wheels offer strength yet are lightweight for easy acceleration. They’re also known for great fuel efficiency, better safety and a smooth ride. Pimp out your classic car with our high-quality forged alloy wheels and you’ll feel the difference every time you get behind the wheel!
    3. Racing Wheels – Custom Steel − For the ultimate combination of a luxury wheel that displays high performance qualities, choose our custom made steel wheels. We’ve got vintage rims and black rims for classic cars and American racing cars. When you need the best quality racing wheels in the business, we’ve got them!
  • When you need nothing but the best for your classic car, or wheels that can withstand extreme off-road treatment, come to CTM Motorsport. We’ve got a passion for muscle cars and 4x4s, and that’s why we have the right wheels to fit them! Need help choosing wheels? Call our experts today on (03) 9720 4933.